Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi

Spinal Integration


The spinal column is the vertical axis of the body and when aligned with integrity the force of gravity falls through rather than into the spine, allowing us to sit, stand and move with ease.  In this intensive we will explore the anatomy, kinesiology and functional movement of the spine learning how to practice Yoga postures with greater efficiency and thus less strain on the back.

A major focus in this intensive will be learning to release and balance the deep iliopsoas muscles.  As the psoas muscles are a key determinant of the position of the pelvis and lower back, establishing ease in these muscles paves the way for having balance throughout the whole of the body. This foundation work paves the way towards establishing a fluid stability within the spine for lifelong ease in your posture, movement and daily activities.

To support our study of functionally integrated movement Donna will also introduce students to several human developmental movement patterns that are essential for healthy spinal function. Donna will also present general spinal anatomy, the iliopsoas muscles and the sacroiliac joint.  You will also receive extensive illustrated digital handouts to support your practice post-workshop.

This workshop is for anyone who has been practicing Yoga consistently for at least a year and is especially recommended for teachers working with others.  The focus of this workshop is on creating spinal health through integrated movement throughout the whole body. Those with spinal problems accompanied by mild chronic pain who are already receiving ongoing Yoga instruction are welcome to attend but this workshop is not suitable for those with acute back pain. While Donna will make every effort to help individuals with specific spinal problems participants need to respect the limits of what can be attained within a group class in a short period of time as contrasted to ongoing one-on-one Yoga therapy.

* Media presentations for this intensive were originally co-produced with Narelle Carter-Quinlan, but have since been developed further. 

The reservation will be made effective by paying the course


12 a 16 de mayo de 2017

Workshop Schedule
Friday May 12th: 6 pm to 8 pm.
Saturday May 13th to Tuesday 16th:  09:30 am to 12:30 am &
2pm to 4:30 pm.

Ciudad de la Raqueta.
Calle Monasterio del Paular, 2.
28049 Madrid

How to get there
Metro: L9. Paco de Lucía
Bus: 134, 178 desde Plaza de Castilla–Hangar 43
Tele-Taxi: 8+34) 915 478 200

Lodging- Accommodation
Special offer at Hotel Villamadrid, 3 kilometers fromthe Venue.
C/ Xaudaró 2
Tel:  (+34) 912 535 000
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Fees: 480 €
The reservation will be made effective by paying the course.

Bank details:
BBVA. Account holder : Marta Rodríguez Mahou.
International account code:
IBAN: ES20 0182 4010 3902 0156 9828

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation before April 12, 2017 will be refunded minus a 25.00 euros administrative fee. Later it will only be refunded if your place can be filled from the waitlist.

What to bring

--- Two, yes two-8-foot long yoga belts made from wide cotton webbing with strong metal D-rings.
Narrow, nylon belts with plastic cinches or metal pull-through ends will not suffice.
Please let your hosting center know if you wish to purchase 1-2 belts when you arrive.  Donna recommends those made by Hugger Mugger (USA)
--- Yoga mat.
--- 3 wool or cotton blankets (for those who need, there will be for rent).
--- A bolster if you have one.
--- A wash cloth, hand towel and thick bath towel.